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EM330 - Three Phase Electricity Meter 5A CT Connection | MID Certified


The Carlo Gavazzi EM330 3 phase energy meter with 3x8 digit backlit LCD data display and integrated touch keypad; suited to active energy metering, cost allocation and dual tariff management. The meter is optionally provided with pulse output as an alternative to the serial communication via RS485 Modbus port or M-bus output.

A selection of variables can be programmed to display providing for active and reactive energy measurement, options include: system variables such as kW, kvar, kVA, VLL, VLN, PF, Hz, kWdmd, kWdmd peak; phase variables including kW, kvar, kVA, VLN, A, PF. Energy measurement: kWh and kvarh (imported/ exported); kWh+ by 2 tariffs; kWh per phase.

Carlo Gavazzi EM330 Data Sheet