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Izar Center Memory 120 - Max. 120 Meters

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IZAR CENTER is an M-Bus master used for centralised local and remote reading of wired M-Bus and IZAR radio-linked meters when connected to an IZAR RECEIVER M-BUS.

Easy to install, IZAR CENTER automatically communicates with the connected meters and memorises their data. The IZAR CENTER data can be read with a PC with either an RS232, USB or Ethernet LAN connection. Connected to a modem, IZAR CENTER can send the meter data to an FTP server, at programmable intervals, that can be viewed and reported online via the optional Izar+ Portal.

Furthermore, it is able to warn the user in real time of the occurrence of alarms by e-mail.

  • Manages up to 25, 60, 120 or 250 M-Bus devices
  • Standard version (repeater) or Memory (recording of information)
  • Automatic transmission of meter data via internet connection using integrated LAN interface or external modem
  • Automatic meter identification by searching the M-Bus network
  • Reading and configuration via USB, RS232/modem or LAN interface
  • Alarm functions including consumption and instantaneous values with notification (email)
  • Compact housing with rail-mounting possibility

Izar Center Downloads

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