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1 1/4" BSP (DN32) Hydrus Ultrasonic Hot Water Meter

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HYDRUS is a static water meter based on the ultrasonic technology. This technology enables accurate calculation of water consumption and eliminates measuring deviations caused by sand, suspended particles or air pockets.

Product Data Sheet
Installation and User Guide

  • 1 1/4" BSP (DN32), Q3 (Nominal Flow) = 10.0 m3/h
  • Length = 260mm excl. supplied unions
  • M-Bus Output
  • Max. Temp. = 90 Deg. C
  • R160 Accuracy
  • WRAS + MID Approved
  • Long-term stability under difficult conditions
  • Leak and pipe burst detection
  • MID approval up to R=400 (cold water) and R=160 (hot water)
  • No straight line required
  • No measurement of air
  • Insensitive to scale and sand
  • Installation in any position
  • Battery lifetime up to 16 years
  • Available in cold water version and hot water version
  • Available with integrated radio 434 or 868 MHz, M-Bus or pulse
  • Data communication in Prios, Real data or Open Metering protocol (selectable OMS Generation 3 profile A or OMS Generation 4 profile B)