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Izar RDC Battery - GPRS Data Logger

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IZAR RDC Battery is a SIM based M-Bus master used for centralised remote reading of wireless M-Bus and IZAR radio-linked meters.

Easy to install, IZAR RDC Battery automatically communicates with the connected meters and memorises their data. The IZAR RDC Battery meter data is sent to an FTP server, at programmable intervals, that can be viewed and reported online via the optional Izar+ Portal.

  • Manages up to 4000 M-Bus devices
  • Automatic transmission of meter data via data SIM connection
  • Automatic meter identification by searching the Wireless M-Bus network
  • Battery powered with optional 230VAC power supply
  • Internal antenna. RF1 and RF2 ports for connection of one or two optional external antennas.
  • Compact wall mount housing

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